Monday, December 5, 2011


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Okay, I'm about to write a pointless article. The Watergate scandal is just getting on my nerves and I have to write my statement letter. Rewrite actually.

When I decided to study in England, I never thought it would be that hard. I mean, I used to think that I was kind of good in english but now... I'm just scared that, if I get there, I won't be able to understand my classes.
I know why I want to study there. I love Great Britain - and especially England and London - I also love the Anglo-Saxon culture, and I do reaaaally like the language. But I just feel like it might be not enough.
And if I don't get there, what am I gonna do? I have other plans, but I really want to study journalism and in France I will have to wait three years if I want to study in the best school and I simply don't really want to study the French journalism. I think the Anglo-Saxon one is better.
And what if I fail? What if I'm not good enough to be a journalist? I've always wanted to become one. Well, not always, but since 2006. Anyway, I've never thought of another job. My mother thinks that I could be a teacher. Maybe but no. I'd be a terrible teacher. I wanted to study history, but I don't know what I could do after. Maybe I'll just marry a rich guy and just stay home and do nothing... No, I'm kidding. This is defininitely not for me. I think I'll go to Sciences Po. But it's a contest, and I don't really think a can do it.

Bref. I'm sure no one cares about this, so I'm just going to get back to work. Pshhhh, you guys are selfish. :)

Oh, and here is my other blog, just for my pictures (it's just a little project)

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